Social responsibility

Doing our part to make a positive impact on the world

Lauritzen Bulkers is committed to behaving and conducting business ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. As a large corporation in an industry which impacts so many areas of the world, we pride ourselves on operating in ways that enhance society and the environment.

Our corporate responsibility policy

Our corporate responsibility policy reflects our values of always upholding our dedication to responsible business conduct, advocating for human rights and contributing to the green transition of the shipping industry.


Humanitarian issues, corruption and transparency are key challenges facing our industry and they cannot be solved by companies individually. Global initiatives and strong coordination are what is needed to achieve sustainable results. We support relevant global initiatives and are proactive in seeking and joining new partnerships that we believe will make a positive contribution to the impact shipping may have on people or the environment.


We apply this philosophy to new and more experimental initiatives, as well as those that are well established. With this approach, we also participate in industry partnerships such as the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network, Getting to Zero Coalition, as well as initiatives under Danish Shipping, the trade and employers’ organisation for Danish shipping and offshore companies.


We pride ourselves on being an active member of the global shipping industry when it comes to corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts. Rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen, we remain a proactive advocate for progressive change and follow through with concrete action to continuously support human rights and the conservation of the environment.

Community engagement

Lauritzen Bulkers is committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates. Through community engagement efforts and maintaining open dialogues, we strive to strengthen our relationships within local communities, create opportunities for people and support local infrastructure.


We participate in recurring collaboration agreements with educational institutions and provide young talents with internships, scholarships, etc. By doing so, we do not only help young people obtain a degree, we also contribute to attracting and developing highly skilled people to the shipping industry (Trainee & Intern opportunities).

The importance of people has been recognized at J. Lauritzen for decades, and it goes without saying that our people ashore and at sea are our most important assets. Our four core values of accountability, resoluteness, empathy, and adaptability help to guide our organization in our daily work to provide top-quality service to our customers worldwide.


As an international company, Lauritzen Bulkers is committed to continuously improving diversity and inclusion amongst our employees. We believe that greater diversity within our teams also promotes innovation and creative solutions, simultaneously providing unique benefits for our clients.


We strive to be an attractive place to work that offers challenging and equal opportunities in an inspiring, innovative, and inclusive atmosphere. We are proud to have 20 nationalities represented within our global teams and 40% female employees on shore. We believe in the organizational strength of diversity, and in the coming years we aim to further increase the female share of employees, also in leadership positions, and expand the number of nationalities employed within our teams.


Learn more about Career Opportunities at Lauritzen Bulkers.


Corrupt practices, especially in the form of demands for facilitation payments, continue to pose a serious risk to the shipping industry and to economic and social development in several countries.


Lauritzen does not tolerate corrupt practices and has a zero-tolerance bribery policy. We are committed to working proactively against corruption in all forms. Our Anti-Corruption Policy provides guidance for all managers and employees within the Lauritzen Group and is specified in our compliance program in line with the principles laid out in the United Nation's Convention against Corruption and various national laws.


Compliance with applicable trade sanctions is essential to responsible business conduct. Our efforts to increase trade sanction transparency has our highest priority to ensure continuous compliance with the various sanctions.


We strongly encourage our crews to report any demands for facilitation payments and share such reports with vessel owners, operators, agents and other participants in the Maritime Anti-Corruption network (MACN) via the network’s anonymous reporting database. 

In order to ensure compliance with corporate policies, Lauritzen Bulkers' has established a whistleblower scheme designed to make it easier for stakeholders to report compliance violations.


Through this scheme, Lauritzen Bulkers is committed to promote an ethical working environment and to secure that all activities within the company are in line with applicable law and with Lauritzen Bulkers' policies and guidelines.


The whistleblower scheme consists of a whistleblower policy and an online whistleblower portal, through which employees and other Lauritzen Bulkers stakeholders can in good faith, anonymously or non-anonymously, report any serious concerns they might have regarding Lauritzen Bulkers' conduct of business.


As Lauritzen Bulkers' whistleblower portal is hosted by an independent party, Got Ethics A/S, you are ensured confidentiality and the highest level of security, should you have any knowledge regarding illegal behaviour or serious irregularities at Lauritzen Bulkers.


Internal and external stakeholders can safely and anonymously report concerns of compliance violations and any potential ethical violations or wrongdoings through our whistle-blower portal.

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