Our commitment to the environment and global communities

The Lauritzen name has been associated with corporate responsibility and accountability for over a century. We will use our capabilities as a significant player in the industry to act responsibly and continue to contribute to the green transition of shipping. We remain committed to upholding our strong reputation through continuously engaging in open, honest and fair relations with everyone being part of our activities.

Climate and environment

Operating about 100 vessels, we acknowledge that our operations have environmental impacts. In order to manage and minimize such impacts, a specific environmental policy has been in place at Lauritzen Bulkers since 2009 and we are committed to supporting global efforts focused on accelerating the maritime shipping industry's decarbonization by 2030.

Sustainable shipping policies

We believe that the most effective way to enforce increased sustainability efforts within the shipping industry is to implement tougher regulations related to CO2 emissions. We are joining forces with industry leaders and organizations representing the entire maritime value chain to push regulators (IMO specifically) to implement stricter regulations to support the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

Call to action for shipping decarbonization

Lauritzen Bulkers is a signatory of the Call to action for shipping decarbonization which was delivered to the COP26 Presidency in Glasgow in October 2021. Signatories to the Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization call on governments to work together with industry to deliver the policies and investments needed to reach critical tipping points in decarbonizing global supply chains and the global economy.

Minimize our carbon footprint

Lauritzen Bulkers invests in our own vessels to reduce CO2 emissions and enable accurate reporting of emissions to our clients and the authorities. We continuously seek opportunities to minimize our carbon footprint.  Our policies and procedures are reviewed an updated in coordination with ongoing analysis and monitoring of relevant data, with a goal to reduce the environmental and climatic impact of our operations.

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