Purpose and values

Operating with integrity to provide trustworthy ocean transport

Lauritzen Bulkers strives to be a leading operator in the dry bulk shipping industry, with a continuous focus on providing customized and innovative shipping solutions, offering total transparency & building strong personal relationships with each of our clients.

Our purpose

By 2050 there will be 2.5 billion more people on earth, with the majority located in developing countries. Ocean transportation is a vital and integral part of the global economy and the industry impacts so many areas of the world. We don’t underestimate our important role as a facilitator of the development and growth of local communities and are committed to supporting our planet’s growing demand for infrastructure, agricultural production, green energy and climate-friendly solutions.

Lauritzen Bulkers is dedicated to providing progressively intelligent seaborne solutions around the world. Through ongoing improvements in technology and increased efficiencies within our own operations, we will continue to improve our sustainability efforts. We strive to positively contribute to the green transition of the global trade market and therewith, also support important growth and development of communities around the world.

Our Values

We take our contribution to the shipping industry, local communities and environment very seriously and believe that responsible business conduct is an essential part of delivering quality maritime transportation services. We are dedicated to contributing to the green transition within the shipping industry and we continuously seek opportunities to minimize our carbon footprint.


We pride ourselves on always staying true to our core values and honoring the long history of the Lauritzen Group as a trustworthy ocean transport partner. Four main themes reflect our company culture and are actively applied in every aspect of our business operations:

Our values


We pride ourselves in upholding every single obligation we commit to and continuously strive to maintain the highest level of credibility and accountability as a trusted service partner to our clients. 


In such a dynamic global market, we must remain incredibly adaptable, and we continue to invest in new technology and maintain a diverse team of industry experts to enable us to provide innovative intelligent shipping solutions.


We value showing a unique level of empathy in everything we do, both internally with our employees as well as with our clients. We are dedicated to offering excellent, personalized customer service & building personal connections with each of our clients.


Our teams of industry experts have a strong level of business acumen and utilize their knowledge, experience & strong networks to provide our clients with the best shipping solutions and also meet our own business goals.

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